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If you need a wooden floor fitting for practical reasons as well as for aesthetics, you have come to the right place. The team at Just Wood Floors are experts in fitting a range of specialist wooden flooring in to your property, not only enhancing the look of the room but developing its potential. Below shows the types of wood flooring we can install. Find out more about our supply and fitting service.

Solid hardwood flooring

One piece of wood in thickness. It is available in many different types of wood, colours and patterns. It is also available in two types of finishes; pre-finished and unfinished.
The majority of solid hardwood flooring requires to be nailed down by hand or with a nailing machine and would need a wooden subfloor, preferably 18mm WPB ply. Solid wood blocks can be glued down to a variety of sub floors.
wood flooring showing loose planking and finished product

Engineered wood flooring

Engineered wood or planks are also known as real wood flooring, as the whole board is made of different woods. The top layer is made of solid wood, i.e. the wear factor. Below the solid wood there are layers of the wood cross ply laid at a 90 degree angle to the top layer to create the strength. The bottom layer is then at 90 degrees to the latter to add stability. There is a 14, 15, 18mm board available which in the future when work can be sanded and re-finished up to 3 times. There is also a 20mm board available which can be sanded and re-finished several times and has the life span of a solid wood floor sometimes out lasting the building itself.

Engineered or real wood flooring can be installed in areas where solid wood is not compatible such as some basements, sub floors with under floor heating and conservatories. The engineered floors offer more choice and can be laid where there is a different sub floor in the same area, i.e. existing floorboards with joists and concrete bases for extension or vise versa. Compared to the solid wood, the engineered floor offers more choice and can be laid over various sub floors and are usually fitted with a high density foam foil backed underlay for insulation. This also levels out any undulations in the sub floor.
hardwood flooring laid over existing floor

Parquet flooring

The ageless classic beauty of a parquet floor reflects the very best of traditional flooring techniques. Parquet block floors can be laid in a variety of patterns that will reflect your lifestyle and complement their surroundings.
Parquet flooring is ideally situated for use in schools, gymnasiums, restaurants, dance floors as well as domestic situations. Also suitable for use in areas that will be subject to wheeled traffic.

Parquet blocks are machined to exact standards providing tightly interlocking joints on all edges. Each block is locked to the surrounding blocks to give maximum strength and stability to the floor. Each parquet block in individually glued to the sub floor in the desired patterns.

Parquet blocks are machined to provide a thick wear layer (approximately 10mm) above the tongue and groove. This enables the parquet block floor to be rejuvenated many times, the floor will probably outlast the building.

Parquet blocks are available in 15mm or 20mm thickness with a variety of lengths and face widths with different patterns available, tailor made to your requirements. In certain circumstances blocks can be manufactured to special sizes. Species available include Iroko, Merbau, Rhodesian, teak, European oak,  American oak rustic, American oak prime, mahogany, Rhodesian teak all brown, genuine teak all brown and maple. Certain species are available in prime and natural grades.
different patterns achieved using parquet flooring

Parquet battens and panels

Parquet flooring can also be made up of battens or panels. Parquet battens are usually 10mm or 6mm thick and come in a variety of sizes which can be stuck to a ply sub base generally 18mm WBP ply. These battens can be pinned to match existing traditional parquet laid in herringbone pattern with a two line border, generally being wengii or mahogany. Very fancy panels are also available and can completely transform a room.
refurbshing and re-laying a parquet floor

Wood mosaic flooring

Wood mosaic flooring is generally 7-8mm thick and it comes in a variety of panels. The general patterns are  5 finger or 7 finger mosaic (90 degrees to each other) and generally used in the 60's and 70's still very much available for repairs and installation. Limited species of the flooring are available.
Installing wood mosaic flooring is difficult and different to traditional. Careful planning is needed prior to fixing. Setting out equal cuts on both sides of the room, especially when panels are fitted, is a very skilled job and time needs to be spent on setting out. Wood mosaic flooring can be stuck to sand or cement screed base or onto 18mm WBP ply (minimum thickness)
wood mosaic flooring designs

Wood floor sanding

Nothing can compare with the renovated look of your old hardwood or softwood (original pine boards) flooring. The authentic feeling of the old, dry timber, gone through restoration process of the wood floor sanding, can not be replaced by any type of newly laid solid wood flooring or parquet flooring. Whether its for a contemporary urban loft conversion, a Victorian terraced house or a country cottage, we will always recommend, as the beauty of the original mahogany, timber, beach or oak wood floors, should not be replaced by anything else.

As a fact, based on estate agents and landlord statistics, properties which have well-maintained real wood flooring rather than carpet, vinyl or laminate are more likely to command higher prices.
sanding and re-finishing a solid wood floor

Bespoke wood flooring

Make your home design unique. Here at Just Wood Floors, we can machine any flooring design to your exact requirements using any type of wood. With nearly 30 years' experience, 

We would like to ensure that any job is finished to the highest standard and tailored for you.

To find out more, give us a call today
bespoke wood flooring fitted round staircase
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